Welcome to Eunice Louise Help Alliance


Founded in 2023, ELHA was created to offer a simpler solution for resources in needed community. We provide resources through collaborative teamwork, optimizing strategies, and community support.  

ELHA's honoree Eunice Louise was a community liaison who loved people and gave from her limited resources to help others. Though she had what society would call a handicap, but she counted the loss of  her two major extremities (both hands) a blessing that God used to draw people to her.  She found a way to use her hardship to share God's  love with people. Eunice's legacy lives on through this nonprofit to help the less fortunate.

Eunice Louise Help Alliance Inc.

Each One + Help One = A Better World

Mission statement
Our mission is to uplift and empower truly needy people by providing them with essential resources and support. Through our efforts, we aim to bridge the gap between families and necessary services, fostering stronger family support systems and promoting overall family stability. Together, we can make a lasting difference in the lives of those who need it most.

Our Services

Community Collaborations

What we do for others is important to their Livelihood!

From the Warehouse
Organizational Collaborations

Our nonprofit organization connects with other community partners to provide needed services to promote food stability.

Community Connections
Community Connections

ELHA organizes community efforts to bring the needed resources to targeted locations.


Senior Services
Events and Services

We pride ourselves doing events that support our at risk populations, such as Senior events, and Youth activities in the communities.

Homeless Resources
Being one paycheck away from Homelessness

Some of our clients have college degrees and certifications to obtain gainful employment, but life's circumstances haveset them off track.  We do what we can to help during these times.

Transport to sites
We go where the need is

ELHA also hauls pallets to locations for distribution to the needy populations.

We bridge the gap so families that are stable can sustain and the unstable can be supported while being Loved and Respected!

— Pamela F.